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Tennis For Free Presents: Dream Team
OVERALL WINNER: - The are no prizes for individual events this year. All prizes are pooled for the Champions Race.

PRIZE DRAW: - Dunlop Biometric M4.0 tennis racquet (see below)

CHAMPIONS RACE: Prizes include
- a 2x night weekend stay (Sat, Sun) at the exclusive Fox Club in London's trendy Mayfair
- a 1x night weekend stay (Sat or Sun) at the exclusive Fox Club in London's trendy Mayfair - with £75 promotional rate for an optional second weekend night.
- a 1x night night weekend stay (either Sat, Sun) at the exclusive Fox Club in London's trendy Mayfair.

Dunlop Biomimetic M4.0

‘The Dunlop Biomimetic M4.0 is endorsed by ATP star Nicolas Almagro and WTA star Dominika Cibulkova’

Headsize = 100sq inch
Length = 27 inch
Un-strung weight = 295g (strung = 310g)
Un-strung balance = 325mm (strung = 335mm)
Beam width = 23-24-23mm
Stiffness/RA = 70
Swing Style = Medium/Moderate
The new M4.0 is loaded with technology to deliver unbeatable levels of power and control for players with a range of swing styles and levels of performance. The TruOval head shape of the M4.0 enlarges the sweet spot and makes the racket more forgiving, more powerful and offers more access to spin.
Apex predators are highly evolved for power and precision. Taking inspiration from their anatomical bone structure Dunlop has inverted the structural form of the throat in 3 key areas to minimise torsional deflection for increased precision and control of off centre shots. Patent Pending - GB1108440.7
AFG (Anti-Friction Grommets) = ENHANCED POWER
Inspired by the sandfish skink, a lizard that can swim through sand, Dunlop’s unique grommet technology combines microscopic ridges with a near frictionless, high strength polymer that provides greater string movement and improved aerodynamics for added penetrative power.
CX Technology is inspired by the wings of birds of prey to reduce aerodynamic drag in the hoop. This combined with a TruOval head shape greatly increases the rackets sweet spot to maximise power.

Sponsored by Dunlop Sport and Slazenger