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Tennis For Free's Dream Team 2020 (US Open Edition)

** PLEASE NOTE: The player lists have been updated to what we hope are the final lists, given Sunday’s COVID issue. Please note that there have been several changes to the women's list in particular, so please make sure that you check your team before 4pm BST on Monday August 31st, when the game goes live.

Welcome to Tennis For Free's TFFDreamteam 2020, the fantasy tennis league for the Grand Slam Tournaments. Please familiarise yourself with the rules before entering

This is the US Open dreamteam, normally the last in the season, but for 2020 it's only the penultimate event of TFF Dreamteam. Whether you are new to or have played previous editions, you will need to register again and pick your mens and ladies teams.

You can swap and change your team as much as you wish until 4.00pm BST on Monday 31 August. We advise that any registrations or changes be completed by 3.55pm to ensure your place in the competition.

The scoring format is the same as previous editions (see scoring for more details).

We hope you enjoy US Open Dreamteam and if you can spare a small donation to the charity it will be greatly appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to be entered into the Champions' Race, please email and forward your Virgin Money donation confirmation to along with your email used in the game.

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