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TFF Champions Race
Welcome to the Champions Race.

The TFF Champions Race is a ranking table charting the season performance of TFFDreamteams from the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. The TFFDreamteam at the top of the table at the end of the season (after the US Open), will be crowned ‘TFFDreamteam Champion’ and will win the top prize. Two other prizes are also available for the 2nd & 3rd place finishers. If you've got a prize you can donate to the game, please get in contact with us via

Entry into the TFF Champions Race is by request of the user following a single donation to the charity of £5 or more. If you wish to make a donation and be entered into the Champions Race, click on the button to the left. A donation MUST be supported with an email request for entry into the Champions’ Race BEFORE the first day of play at the Wimbledon Grand Slam. PLEASE NOTE: Entry into the Champions Race is done manually by Tennis For Free staff reviewing donations. There'll be a round of entries into the Champions Race on the game going live and another round of additions at the end of the tournament.

Please ensure you use the same email address throughout the season for all four scores to be accumulated. Champions Race entries must be the same email for the donation as your team to be entered into the Champions Race unless an email request to assign a different email is made within one day of the donation.
TFF Champions Race
Rank Name Points
1 Great Balls of Falla (Jonathan) 6200
2 fah51 (Akiko) 5957
3 Serenawilliamsrules (serenawilliamsrules) 5923
4 Pistolpete warriors (Pete) 5892
5 alipaliali (Alastair) 5840
6 Donegal Racketeers (Paul) 5834
7 Deucebags (Jake) 5807
8 Seeds on Grass (Chris) 5778
9 Team With No Name (Tobias) 5737
10 Rossaldinho (David) 5718
11 Tim's Titans (Tim) 5680
12 Eugenie Bouchard’s next date (Ben) 5667
13 Operation Blue Badger (Jason) 5630
14 Boddington (David) 5603
15 Brechin Wind (Mark) 5593
16 Yatta (Des) 5582
17 The Distant Wanderer (Alan) 5369
18 Ed's Team (Ed) 5347
19 The Doonhammers (Paul) 5322
20 Forever Changes (Sam) 5294
21 Chalk Flew Up (Christopher) 5262
22 bluemoonrisen (Mark) 5137
23 Tennissee Degrin (Mark) 5077
24 workies racqueteurs (Mike) 5054
25 Federer (Debbie) 4980
26 Ginga Foxes (Andy) 4963
27 Between the Lines (David) 4861
28 Hawkeye's Hotties (Ronnie) 4793
29 Woolleys Bullies (T.M.B.) 4738
30 Jewels (Jackie) 4716
31 Pinky Punter and Slug (Jonathan) 4632
32 clayestRoi (richard) 4581
33 dylanthomasbirthplace (Geoff) 4450
34 BeaufordWarrior (Tony) 4400
35 Titans (Mike) 4387
36 Jessy's Big Guns (Paul) 4325
37 Yoj94 (Joy) 4314
38 Denis Anti-Istomins (Ben) 4051
39 (Julian) 3864
40 Knackered Knees Utd (John) 3832
41 Suzy’s Pontoons (Suzy) 3808
42 Too Nice (John) 3671
43 North Sydney Bears (Ian) 3581
44 Doug’s Jet Skis (Doug) 2633
45 Darby's Soft Serves (Andy) 2412
46 The Z team (Zoran) 1297
47 Fan Footy UK Ianovich (Yani) 1234
48 Famous Dave's Takeout (Charles) 1135

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