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Tennis For Free Presents: Dream Team
Pamplemousse Group Profile


This group has a points average of 1,359.0 and are currently 13th in the mini-league rankings.

The group consists of 10 teams:

Team name Points (overall) Points (men's team) Points (women's team)
UN Security Council 1597 911 686
Miss T's Donut and Pierogi Van 1532 827 705
Boggle for the Galaxy 1476 839 637
Racquetzalcoatl 1429 928 501
Let's Talk About Sets 1347 653 694
Has this game got easier? 1247 669 578
the dropshots 1246 691 555
This Thiem is no Djoke 1204 678 526
I had better be winning after the first day or I wasted like half an hour of my life 1157 588 569

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