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Tennis For Free Presents: Dream Team

The mini-league group rankings are displayed in the sidebar to the left.

Mini-leagues are a great way to challenge your friends, colleagues or family by allowing you to create your own personal league.

To create a mini-league group, simply:

Sign up for a TFFDreamteam account

Choose the tennis players you wish to have in your personal dream team

Once you have created your dream team (which can be changed at any time prior to the Wimbledon event starting), go to My Group and click the "create a group" link

Choose a name for your mini-league group then click "create group"

You can now go to your group's settings page (by clicking "My Group" and then "Change my group's settings") and give the group entry password to the people you want to have in your group, or you can e-mail them directly from that page using the invite form

The people who wish to join your mini-league group can then enter that password into the joining box in their "My Group" page

Once people have entered the password to join your group you must go to your group's settings page and accept them into the group - this is to stop people you don't know joining the group if the password is made public

You can challenge your friends, family and colleagues by setting up a mini-league. A mini league allows you to see your performance in your own private league table. If you have three or more players subscribed to your mini league your mini league name will also rank against other mini leagues in the 'Inter-Mini League table'.
There is a league table for 'mini-leagues'. The total number of points scored from all the players in a particular group is divided by the number of players in the group, thus giving an average score that represents your mini-league group's score.

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