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Tennis For Free Presents: Dream Team
Tennis For Free's Dream Team Rules
The rules for Tennis For Free's Fantasy Team are as follows:

Only one entry is allowed per person. The Dream Team website will recognise repeat details. Valid details will be required for a winner to claim their prize.

2. Upon registering you will be then be able to select a valid team of TEN men AND TEN women from a budget of £50 million for each category. Any team that does not have ten men and ten women selected - together with a team name - by the time the game switches live will be deemed invalid and may be deleted. Tennis For Free reserves the right to amend any inappropriate team names.

3. All Fantasy teams will need to be created prior to the scheduled start of play (4.00pm BST on Monday 28 August 2017) in order to be accepted. Dream teams can be created from 25 August and can be changed as many times as you wish before the deadline. Once play starts, the game will be switched “live”, meaning that no further entries or team changes will be allowed.

4. Any team names that are deemed to have abusive or offensive words and terminology - or are too long - will be changed or deleted without prior warning.

5. There are no prizes available for individual competitions - just the Champions Race which charts performance over the full Grand Slam season. If you are successful in winning a prize from the Champions Race, in order to claim that prize, a valid form of identification matching a legitimate name and address to that of the Dream Team registration details will be required. This is to prevent individuals creating multiple dream teams as only one dream team per person is allowed. Only one prize per person. Any multiple entries will be deemed invalid and removed from the game.

6. Entry to the Champions Race is made by a donation of £5 or more but is only applicable before the mid point of the season (prior to Wimbledon Grand Slam starting). The same email address must be used for all four events in order for the scores to be accumulated.

7. The scoring system is as follows. Each of your chosen players scores you a point for every game they win in every match they play. So if one of your players loses 6-4, 6-4, 6-4, they will still earn you 12 points even though they have lost . A bonus 10 points are awarded for players who win a straight sets match. A "bagel bonus" of 5 points is awarded to players who win a set 6-0. See Scoring section for more details.

8. People of any age can enter the competition but 18 years and under players will compete in a separate u18 table. Children aged under 12 years must obtain permission from their parents/guardians before entering the competition.

9. You can challenge your friends, family and colleagues by setting up a mini-league. A mini league allows you to see your performance in your own private league table. If you have three or more players subscribed to your mini league your mini league name will also rank against other mini leagues in the 'Inter-Mini League table'.

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